On Saving Sun, Sending Smoke and Saucy Shirts

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

Hey Reader,

I gotta say. The love that y’all showed me last week when my first LuvvLetter in 5 months dropped in your inboxes made me get all emo. I got so many “It’s so good to see you back” emails and that meant so much. 🥹🥹🥹

I try to read as many of your responses, by the way. So those questions that I ask y’all to answer. I legit might see your replies so keep ‘em coming.

Let’s jump into what’s on my mind this week.


Darkness at 4:45pm is a scam.

There are many things I don’t and won’t understand and one of them is why we gotta change clocks every 6 months like some indecisive mule. I mean, yeah, I’ve read all the “reasons” but I’m still like WHYYYY.

Because now we change clocks this Sunday, losing (or did we gain? Shit IDK) one hour of precious time and now it’s getting dark at 4:45pm and I 👏🏾 don’t 👏🏾 like👏🏾 it 👏🏾 one 👏🏾 bit.

Can somebody please save daylight?? Cuz now my workday ain’t even done yet and I look out the window to what looks like the crack of dawn and I’m already over it. Then you add the fact that the sun literally regulates some of our wellbeing and in an ever-burning world, we need Sir Sun to stay for as long as possible. Instead, we’re forcing it to clock out early.

At this point, I need us to audit EVERYTHING including this practice. Who do I gotta protest about getting rid of this Standard Time foolishness?!?

If you need me, I’ll be the one with the high ass electricity bill as I turn on ALL THE LIGHTS in my house at 4pm everyday for the next 5 months. 😩😩😩


It’s okay to take the other road instead of the high road sometimes.

So you know the early arrival of this Chicago winter gives me an attitude and now I’m really like “UH UH. Anybody can get the smoke!” 😤 It has me thinking of all the ways we’ve been convinced that we should walk around being the bigger person all the time. And how that’s a scam too 😒. Lemme explain what I mean.

Is giving grace to people good? Absolutely. But I think about how we are often convinced to give grace to folks who show us disrespect and lack of care, all in the name of being the bigger person.

We’re often told to “turn the other cheek” or “just ignore them” when folks come at us crazy and what that does is silence us more often than not. It allows bullies to get away unscathed. We often hear folks tell us not to defend ourselves because “it’s not worth it.” And what happens when that occurs more than once? We end up feeling the sting of things unsaid. We end up swallowing down our righteous rage. We end up feeling unsettled, unheard and unprotected.

Taking the high road sometimes looks like keeping the peace outwardly while it’s burning us up inside.

As a visible person, I’m often expected to take folks’ foolishness and let it slide. And often, I do, because I don’t have time. But sometimes, I MAKE TIME for when folks slide into my DMs with no broughtupsy. I can be really gracious and I’ve been really graceful, but at any given point I might flip a switch and be like, “Naw. You gotta get cussed out today and you had it coming.”

All of this is to say: you don’t have to always match folks' energy, but in the times that you finally do, give yourself grace. Cuz a lot of people get used to others’ silence in the face of their daftness. And from time to time, people need a reminder that you ain’t the one OR the two.

BTW, if you ever hear someone saying that Luvvie cussed somebody out, I probably did. Tomorrow is not promised, so cuss ‘em out today! 😅 Because when they go low, we can go gutter.

Which brings me to…


You part of the #GutterGang too? Let ‘em know…

That brings me to how much I love to say stuff with my chest!!! I posted about people playing in my face, and how I don’t agree with our forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama, who said “when they go low, we go high.” Nah, sis. When they go low, WE GO GUTTER (not always but sometimes). 😅😅😅

Y’all told me you wanted it on a t-shirt, sooooo it’s now here! I tapped on my girl Kalilah of Mess in a Bottle and we created it for ya, and it’s now ready for order!

I also designed a pair of sneakers to rock with them, so for my shoeheads, tap in there too. 👟

If you need people to be on notice that though you may smile and be cute, they better come correct, you definitely need this shirt.

Get this shirt and let the people govern themselves accordingly.

So tell me… are you a Gutter Gang member (going low with low) or a Gracious Goon (going high)? I need to know how many of us are coming to the monthly cussout practice. 😅

Until next time!

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